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Metro Hoist California, Inc. is looking to hire someone to work as a technician to work on and repair material hoists.  Please call 510-755-3386 or 510-315-7124 for all inquiries.
Material Hoist
Technician Wanted

Linden Comansa of America
Comansa LC 5211 for sale/rent

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Welcome To Signal-Rite

Jeffery York, founder of Signal-Rite, has been in the crane and rigging industry for 25 years.  Throughout his 25 years in the industry many things have changed.  Cranes and technology have improved; however, miscommunication between crane operators and signal persons is still a persistent problem.  This is the very reason that Signal-Rite was created.  What is the point if you have the newest technology but work with incompetent crane operators and signal persons? crane safety

Signal-Rite provides training and testing for crane signal persons and riggers using a standardized system that is in accordance with ASME/ANSI standards.  This system was created by Jeff in order to have one standard throughout the whole industry.  Since crane operators and signal persons are working together they must be on the same page or the result could be very dangerous, even deadly.  By implementing the Signal-Rite system it reduces the friction between various crafts and operators at a job site.  Jeff has traveled all across the country teaching and training anyone who wants a safe work environment.  Signal-Rite clients have seen as much as a 30% increase in crane production, safety, and general crane awareness.  Signal-Rite is here to meet your needs and for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Mission  Crane owners, crane operators, contractors, ironworkers, riggers, safety personnel, project managers, superintendents,

Our primary mission is to create an accident free environment between crane and rigging operations. Our main objective is to provide on-site training and testing for crane signal-persons using our standardized crane signal-training program. This program is in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME B30 Series). Our Goal to improve communications will be instrumental in achieving a safe and productive working environment for all, with zero accidents.

— Jeff York

Material Hoist Technician Wanted

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Signal-Rite Crane, Rigging and Signal Training

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